Heidelberg Bible Institute


The Heidelberg Bible Institute is not intended to be light Bible study for the casually interested, but rather an intensive college level curriculum to prepare men and women for full time ministry should God call them to that. For this cause, a higher standard is necessitated.

It is required that enrolled students will live a life above reproach as reflected in the word and spirit of the Bible Baptist Church's church constitution. They should be careful to live a life above reproach in all matters of separation and spiritual ethics.

Courses and Times:

This current semester will begin:
Start date: Tuesday, 3 January, 2011
End date: undetermined. Most courses are between 15 and 20 weeks.

The Preacher and His Problems ( 18:30 – 19:40)
I&II Corinthians (19:45-21:00)
Theology I & II ( 21:00– when you're finished with your questions and quizzes)
Advanced German (21:00 - 22:00; only for students who have finished Theology)

Is should be understood that with the fluctuating schedule of many of our students, it's impossible to maintain a strict calendar semester without inevitably forcing students to quit. Students and teacher will adjust class times and course end date based on the groups needs each semester.


Most every course is open to all Bible Baptist Church members – men and women alike. Some courses such as Preparation and Delivery of Sermons , Pastoral Epistles and Preacher and his Problems are reserved for male students only.

Non-church members will be considered on a case by case basis.


Tuition is not paid in monetary value. The diligence, commitment and character of the student is the only payment required. For this cause, slackers will not be tolerated. Anyone not giving 110% will be warned and then dismissed.

This has been our policy for 5 years now. One change will, however, be instituted this semester to thwart any natural tendency towards complacency. As of this year, all unexcused make up quizzes, tests or projects will be subject to a $10.00 fee. This money will go into a course-end-students'-dinner fund.

The student is responsible to pay for all necessary books and materials for each course.

Again, the student's payment is hearty dedication that shows itself by:

a. Doing your homework neatly and completely.
b. Consistent, on-time attendance.
c. Initiative to make up work without being asked.
d. Putting forth a clear and recognizable effort in every aspect of your studies.

Auditing the class:

To “audit” a class simple means that you want to sit in and learn, but not be formally enrolled or tested. No credit or diploma is given to auditors. This is acceptable for ladies that so wish, but male “auditors” will not be accepted. Those auditing a class should conscientiously yield the right to ask questions and teacher's time to those enrolled for a grade and diploma.


Anyone accepted into enrollment will sign a covenant each semester they are enrolled. In essence, you will agree with all that is contained therein and will agree to give your diligent best to adhere to the word and spirit of the covenant. Part of this agreement is that the student confesses that Jesus Christ is their Lord and Saviour and that they will strive to walk with Him and not living in any gross or open sin. They will put forth every effort to keep themselves from sin, finish the course, and perform every task as unto the Lord Jesus Christ.


The Heidelberg Bible Institute started in 2001 with two courses being taught to two adult male students at the pastor's house. Today, we have 10 adult students and have completed approximately 3/4ths of the entire curriculum. One of the original students is now in the ministry on church staff and teaches Sunday School. The other of the original two teaches an adult Sunday School class and will likewise become increasingly more involved in the ministry and be joining us on staff in the near future (Lord helping us). Another student that already had some Bible education joined us for one year (in 04), completed his needed classes and now has a German church two hours north of us. In those two years, he has a church of about 20 attendees and his own Bible institute with his first two German students. As the months and years march on, our intention is to broaden our capacity, increase our teaching staff and offer courses in German as well as English. Pray for our vision.

Courses offered:
Books of the Bible are taught verse by verse with cross references to major supporting verses and moderately divided.

Books of the Bible:
I&II Corinthians
I&II Thessalonians
Pastoral Epistles (I&II Timothy & Titus)
I&II Peter


Specialized Courses:
Preparation and Delivery of Sermons
Preacher and His Problems
Manuscript Evidence
Baptist Missions
Theology I
Theology II
Church History I
Church History II
History and Nature of Music
Evangelistic Song Leading
OT Survey
NT Survey
Life of Christ
Problem Texts
Basic English

Other courses that will potentially be taught.
*Bible Archeology and Geography
*Introduction to N.T. Greek

(*courses have not been taught yet)



Although our institute is not accredited, we are convinced that upon completion of the Heidelberg Bible Institute, the graduate will be able to "hold his own" with any skeptic, critic or gainsayer that he may encounter. He will furthermore be thoroughly equipped to handle most problems that occur in the ministry as well as be able to preach and teach the Bible for many years if not only upon the material that he receives here. He will understand what it means to walk with God in good times and in bad. More to follow...

Honorary degrees?

We do not offer honorary degrees, but recommend those looking for one to visit this website. http://www.preservedwords.com/institute.htm


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