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Reference Material

Click Here - 1828 Edition of Webster's Dictionary
Click Here - Easton's Bible Dictionary
Click Here - Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary
Click Here - Smith's Bible Dictionary
Click Here - Strong's Hebrew/Greek Word Definitions
Click Here - Torrey's Topical Textbook
Click Here - Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words


Click Here - Barnes' Notes on the New Testament
Click Here - Matthew Henry Commentary on the Whole Bible


Foxe's Book of Martyrs - The famous classic in text format.
Charles H. Spurgeon's Sermons - The best collection on the "Prince of Preachers."

Charles H. Spurgeon's Writings - Select works of Spurgeon now available online.

Christian Biography Resources - Biographical sketches  and portraits of great Christians.

Independent Baptist History - A brief survey of independent fundamental Baptist churches. Who they are
and what is their heritage.

Reformation Online - One of the best source of historical information on the Reformation, etc.

The Hall of Church History - History from the Church Fathers, through the Medieval Churchmen, down through the Puritan
and Reformed writers, to the more recent stalwarts of the faith.

Translators to the Readers - Preface to the King James Bible of 1611 (not the Dedicatory).




Calvary Contender
Christian News & Views

Power of Prophecy
The Berean Call

The Lion of Judah

The Sword of the Lord

What in the World!


666 Watch - A site dedicated to the latest developments paving the road to 666: The Mark of the Beast.
We also answer many questions and misconceptions about the mark of the beast.

Answers in Genesis - A great site containing Creation/Evolution information.
Apologetics Page - Timely articles of interest to Bible believers.

A.V. Publications - Publisher of Gail Riplinger's material.

Bible Baptist Publications - Publisher of Pastor James L. Melton's tracts and materials.
Bible Believers' RealAudio Page - One of the best sources of Christian RealAudio files.
Bible Believer's Resource Page - Excellent resources and many good subjects covered.

Bible Truth Site Good site with a lot of good material.
Bible Truths Home Page - Contemporary issues plus information on Mormonism.

Bible Version Debate Resolved Site - Bro. Cecil J. Carter's site is filled with biblical resources to help you battle for the truth.

Biblical Discernment Ministries - Lots of material on many controversial subjects and Bible teachers.

Carl Graham Ministries - Home of TWOGISTATES Publications.
Chick Publications- Bro. Jack Chick's tract List (with Web Versions).

Cult Index - A concise glossary of cults and heresies.
Dial-The-Truth Ministries - A great Christian resource ministry presenting the truth and exposing error with
the light of the Word of God, with emphasis on The King James Bible, prophecy, etc.

Endtime Ministries - A Christian resource site.
Fellowship Tract League - A good source for effective gospel tracts.

Final Authority - A Christian's guide to the Holy Bible by Dr. William P. Grady.

Freedom Ministries - Seeking to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ and stand against the flood of rock-idiom
music in the church. Good source of material on Christian rock.

Grant Jeffrey Ministries - Interesting articles but beware of the sensationalism!
Hymn Site - Site of the old hymns with MIDI samples and stories of the hymns.
Jesus Christ is the Only Way to God / Internet Bible Church - This is a great site! A must visit for the
King James Bible Believer! A hard-hitting "tell it like it is" site.

Johnny the Baptist - Home page of Bro. Johnny Campbell. Very good!

Lamb & Lion Ministries - A good prophecy site.

Living Truth Ministries - Ministry and publisher of Texe Marrs.
Magnetic Scripture Signs - All signs from the KJB are FREE as the Lord provides!
Morton Publications - Ministry and publisher of Bro. Timothy Morton's material.
Old Fashioned Camp Meeting Page - Old fashioned camp meeting. You can enjoy good preaching
throughout the week in RealAudio.

On-line Bible Course on Music Very good Bible course on music. Find out what the Bible teaches
about music. Presented by Liberty Baptist Church, Greenville, Michigan. Excellent web site with several courses, tracts
and a good "Question and Answer" section.

Prophecy Central - A World Of Information About Biblical Prophecy

PsychoHeresy Awareness Ministries - a non-profit religious corporation for the purpose of informing
and educating Christians about the evils of psychoheresy.

Songfest Music - Site of author and musician Gordon Sears. His books include "Apostasy and Deception
In Christian Music", Is Today's Music Sacred? and others. You can order his books and music on-line.

Sound Doctrine Page - Pastor David Rowley. Good material.

Spurgeon Archive

Street Preacher's Home Page - All you needed to know about open-air preaching is here.
The Authorized Version For Today - A website defending the King James Bible.
The Bible-Believing Fundamentalist - Good articles on controversial subjects by Pastor Michael D.
O'Neal of Gospel Light Baptist Church, Albany, Georgia.

The Bible Gateway - Contains the King James Bible and also the NIV, NASV, RSV, etc. Good for comparing
the different versions.

The Cutting Edge - A good site dealing with current issues, in particular, The New World Order.
Not a strong KJB ministry but has a lot of good articles. Very well done.

The Drummond Family - Old Fashioned Preaching and Singing

The Fundamental Truth - Supporting Fundamental Baptists on the Internet.

The Gospel Music Archive - Site with tons of the good 'ol hymns with the guitar chords.

The Jeff Godwin Archive - Web site of Jeff Godwin's materials. Contains clips and chapters of some of Jeff's materials.

The John Marshall Family - What's GOOD Christian Music? This is GOOD Christian music!
The John Marshall Family's Web Site contains samples of their music, order form, and their itinerary.
One of the most musically talented families anywhere.

The King James Bible Page - Solid pro-KJB articles and FREE download on SwordSearcher 3.4,
a powerful program designed to help you study God's Word.

The Lamp & the Light

The Little Red Book Gospel Site - Excellent preaching tapes and gospel literature.

The People's Gospel Hour- 52 years of Pastor Perry F. Rockwood's radio ministry has his millions of
worldwide listeners reading and listening to his best teachings online!

Trinitarian Bible Society (Canada)
Vance Publications - Publishers of Dr. Laurence M. Vance's material.
Verity and Charity Publications - Line Upon Line - Verse By Verse Self Study Guide

Virtual Christianity: Bibles - Page with links to various versions and different languages of the Bible.
Good for comparing the different versions.

Wholesome Words - For you, the family, and all the world!
World Wide Country Profiles

WWW.BIBLEBELIEVERS.COM - One of the best King James Bible site. Very well designed and
host for many other good sites. Worth a visit.

WWW.BIBLECODE.COM - A web site dedicated to the Bible Codes (Equidistant Letter
Sequences (ELS)) in the Bible.


A Friend to Churches Ministries - Ministry of Dr. Samuel Gipp
Bible Believers' Church Directory - KJB-believing churches worldwide
Christian Law Association

European Institute of Protestant Studies - Website of Dr. Ian Paisley

Independent Baptist Network

InterNet Bible Research Resources - Tons of information from their links.

Roloff Ministries - Family Altar Program
Pilgrim Fundamental Baptist Press

Plain Path Publishers - Fundamental, KJB, Homeschool Materials Since 1985

The Family Research Institute - Educational reports on drugs, sex, homosexuality, etc.

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